"I will dance all my life ..." Kaneesh



kaneeshDancer and teacher at Sita for 2 years, Kaneesh Kumar is an outstanding dancer! SITA is introducing you to this talented character!

Kaneesh, born on September 7th, 1988 in Chennai, completed his education both in Chennai and Pondicherry. Following his completion, Kaneesh chose to stay in Pondicherry with his family.

Kaneesh is practicing dancing since his childhood and is self taught dancer ("Freestyle").

Freestyle dance is very instinctive. He is inspired by the greatest performers like Michael Jackson and Prabu Deva or Vijay, this two being great Indian dancers.

Kaneesh developed his own style for years, which is a mix of modern / classic with a great Indian influence.

An Indian TV channel called Vijay TV located in Chennai were telecasting a show called "Kings of dance", which is equivalent to "France has a incredible talent "or" American Talent " in 2018.

There, Kaneesh took his troupe of 3 young dancers and he did succeeded until semi final of the show. A great recognition for him as a born dancer.



In Pondicherry for 15-16 years, Kaneesh has taught and performed in various institutions for public and private events (colleges, schools, businesses, weddings, government events, cultural programs etc ...).

But since 2016, he started teaching regularly as a full time job in the institution called "The International School Study" where he is a professor of "modern" dance for all levels. In this school, students have the choice between modern and classical (Bharatanatyam). Kaneesh, takes care of the Modern one, he gives lessons for 45 minutes (1 class) and about 7 classes per day. Many choreographies were created included tribal creations and more traditional dances ... Kaneesh can create new choreographies every week and it helps him to enjoy more creativity using variety of styles.

"The majority of our students prefer modern dance because it's more liberating ..." Kaneesh

Since 2015, Kaneesh is also a professor at SITA. He teaches Bollywood and other Indian dance styles. For 4 years, he has been teaching dance classes on Mondays from 5 pm to 6 pm and Saturdays from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. His bollywood classes are also available for private lessons if needed.

According to Kaneesh, the only dance style that shines in abroad is "Bollywood" unfortunately! For this reason in his classes, Kaneesh does not hesitate to bring other styles of dance. Here at SITA, he proposes Kollywood dance with more Tamil influences like dapanguthu, karagattam, Kanadam (dance of Andhra Pradesh) ... He then noticed that the dance most beloved and welcomed by Westerners is "Dapanguthu" because it is very rhythmic, far from Bollywood dances where the beauty of the movement is sought after, the dapanguthu is a total let it go.

What he likes about SITA is the positive interculturality that opens India to the world. Before joining the SITA team, Kaneesh had number of interviews to get into team and he enjoys learning a lot from the other teachers of SITA. He really loves teaching at SITA. According to him, SITA allows a real mix of cultures. SITA has allowed him to meet many people and also to learn English and French, languages he wanted to master. He says that SITA allows Indians to mix and open up to other cultures. With SITA, his eyes have opened.




Kaneesh visited France last year, in Marseille and Dijon and hosted two workshops, one on September 8, 2018 in Marseille and another on September 18 and 19, 2018 in Dijon.

Those two events, organised and structurized in collaboration with Mathilde known her stage name as Meena (Modern Jazz dancer and teacher), workshops were intended to promote dance in all forms. Kaneesh was able to discover other forms of dances and more particularly the modern Jazz thanks to Meena.

He also took advantage of this trip to dance in the 104 *, this mythical place of the 19th arrondissement where all the dancers of the world meet to dance.

"I had only one desire, stay and dance. I did not want to go back ... "Kaneesh


Kaneesh's future projects are pretty well defined. Indeed, Kaneesh aims to create his own album and create his own choreographies with his company.



kaneesh 3

* Located in the 19th arrondissement, the CENTQUATRE-PARIS is a space of residences, production and diffusion for the public and the artists.

Designed by its director José-Manuel Gonçalvès as a collaborative artistic platform, it promotes Modern arts in all its form. This atypical place also hosts boutiques and integrates an incubator.

It is a unique experimental space, at the crossroads of art and innovation.



Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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